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The Surface Book 2 is everything the MacBook Pro should be

I’ve been a devoted Mac user for 13 years and didn’t really care what’s going on behind the wall, but recent developments at Microsoft made me curious. Surface looks very interesting and Windows 10 feels fresh and modern. On my recent trip to New York I walked past Microsoft Store and stopped to play with their hardware for a few minutes. I didn’t have much time, but it felt solid and nothing like my last Windows laptop in 2003.

I’d be delighted if my Mac — or iPad — could do what Surface can. I enjoy doing emails and most of my reading on iPad, but as a designer and developer I can’t use it for any real work. I tried to use it for processing photos, but it required too many trade-offs comparing to my current workflow on iMac with Lightroom and NAS. The idea of a Surface laptop that can run Figma, my development environment, and Lightroom is very intriguing.

Owen first switched to Windows 10 at his desktop machine and now replaced his MacBook Pro with Surface Book 2 too. His article is an interesting and deep look both into current hardware and software. A few other links on this: